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Justice IS the Gospel.

August 13, 2017


It is common for Christians in my circles to respond to our church’s justice and racial reconciliation efforts as “too political.” It’s difficult at times to discern whether they are disagreeing with the way we voice our convictions, or simply dismissing the issue all together as unimportant or irrelevant to their faith. Honestly, I don’t […]

We only judge in areas where we are deeply vulnerable to shame.

September 24, 2015


When someone passes judgment on another, it is often done to “rank order” the other person against oneself. It is a measurement we make to position ourselves. And we do so, not necessarily because we think so low of the other, but because we are vulnerable to shame in that very area in which we […]

Most debates around atheism (and Christianity) are not about God. They’re about epistemology. Don’t be an apologist. Be an epistemologist.

January 2, 2014


And what is discouraging is that most Christian apologists are focused and adept at dogma, rhetoric, and dogmatic rhetoric, and not so good at critical thinking skills, objectivity, logic, and reason. Popular audiences do not help with this problem as confirmation bias is pandemic. In order to have epistemological acumen, and thus debate competency, we […]

Why must the nation grieve withOUT God?

January 10, 2013


On December 26, 2012, Lawrence Krauss (Arizona State theoretical physicist and author of several books) published an article in CNN’s belief blog on the tragedy in Newton, CT entitled “Why must the nation grieve with God?” His basic premise is that the invocation of God is unnecessary, and even damaging. While I have great respect […]