A successful relationship is not due to compatibility, but adaptability.

The underlying belief “compatibility” is that there are innate, unchangeable aspects of our being that are fundamentally unsuited to be in relationship with other innate, unchangeable aspects of another person. This is a myth. It is also believed that “who we are” is who we will always be throughout our lives. This too, is a myth.

And we all know it.

We all change, grow, develop, evolve, progress, expand, adapt, mature, modify, tweak, rework, adjust, and tinker. The moment we stop doing any of those things is the moment we are incapable of being human.

Therefore, for a relationship to last a long time we must have the capacity to acclimate oneself to another, and to re-acclimate oneself over and over again through the years. It is not “compatibility” that is the key, but adaptability.

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