Our greatest imaginative challenge is not finding the right answers, but discovering the right questions.

Posted on November 16, 2017


We often think that we’ll have a better understanding of life if we could just find the answers to our questions. The problem, however, is that our questions predetermine the kind, range, and type of answers that will emerge. In other words, our problem is not the absence of answers, but the sort of questions we are asking in the first place.

Thus, if we want to improve or transform our conception of the universe, and of our selves, we have to discover a completely different kind of question altogether.

Rather than What am I going to do with my life? consider, What makes my heart beat faster? and What infuriates me? Why?

Rather than What is wrong with you? consider, What caused me to react so negatively to that person’s behavior?

Rather than Why are politicians so corrupt? consider, What causes the populace to vote for that corruption?

There are an unlimited number of variants to consider.

So, What other questions shall we ask?