You only have two options, the past or the future, because “now” does not exist.

Posted on July 10, 2017


The dimension of time is by its nature a transition from the past into the future. As such, according to physics, “now” does not exist. There is no “now.” You are either stopping and reflecting on the past, or you are considering, imagining, and dreaming, of what new realities could come in the future. Pushed further, once that future is realized, it instantaneously becomes relegated to the past.

Consider your reading of this post. You are not reading it “now.” You read this sentence, just a few nanoseconds ago. It’s in the past. The other words are coming, as they are in the future.

“Now” is a myth. “Now” is merely the intersection of the future and the past, which does not happen in space time. If one were to truly enter into the “now,” there would be no movement, no evolution, no possibilities, no imagination, no reflection, no wisdom, no creativity, no drama, no redemption, … no real existence. “Now” is the ceasing of time, the abolition of progress.

Disdaining and dismissing the “myth of now” means,

…psychologically, that you are either becoming the person you want to be, or are regressing into the person you once were (see Carol Dweck, Mindset).

…entrepreneurially, past mistakes, and successes are irrelevant (see Gary Hamel, Leading The Revolution).

…anthropologically, both “better” and “worse” are on their way, and we get to choose. (see Yuval Harari, Sapiens, and Homo Deus).


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