Most problems are actually solutions to other problems. Therefore, don’t deal with problems, deal with finding better solutions.

Posted on March 31, 2017


Consider the problem of procrastination. Procrastination is not the problem. Procrastination is the solution to a bigger problem, be that fear of accomplishment, or the absence of discipline.

Consider the problem of arguing with a loved one. Arguing is not the problem. Arguing is the solution to the problem of a failure to communicate, or of deep pain or hurt, not feeling heard.

Consider the problem of poor budgeting. The budget is not the problem. The budget is the solution to the problem of what you value, of what is important. It can even be the solution to what you envy.

If we address “the problem as we see it,” we often cause more problems, or exacerbate the real, underlying problems that are truly plaguing us. If we see “the problem” in front of us, rather, as a solution to another problem that exists deep below the surface, then we can identify that problem and be on our way towards putting in a different solution rather than the current “problem/solution” that is so, well, problematic.

In other words, calling something “a problem,” is often a self-blinding exercise from “the real problem.”

So, what’s your problem? And can you find a better solution?

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