A mature person is someone who is not easily offended.

offended |əˈfendəd| : “resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult.”

mature |məˈCHo͝or| : something has “fully developed” or has “reached an advanced stage of mental or emotional development.”

Therefore, someone who is easily offended means that they have not reached a level of mental or emotional development capable of understanding that which offends. Maturity would empower an individual to rise above a threatening situation or circumstance, deconstruct the factors that have led to the perceived threat/insult, and respond in a way that de-escalates an other’s attack, focusing on the “thing” rather than the “person.”

May we all become more mature, less insulted, more proficient at de-escalation, and more skillful at focusing our attention on understanding rather than threat.

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