Most of us are incompetent at most things.

Posted on November 3, 2016


It is important to recognize and then realize this truth when deciding who you are, and what work you should be doing; your personal vision, and your core commitments. It is human nature to be insecure and ultimately fearful of the many things of which we are incapable. We then instinctively admire (envy?) others who exhibit those competencies and characteristics. We fall into the abyss of comparing our deficiencies with others’ strengths.

Then we despair.

But recognizing that “most of us are incompetent at most things” helps us recognize that those we admire are also deficient in most areas, even though they have strengths in some areas. And that is a reality to which we all can relate and within which we can live.

Narrow your focus. Pay attention to your strengths. Lean into your competencies. Then do not be dissuaded by others. They’re not dissuaded by you!

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