The leadership desert. Everyone leads, not everyone leads well.

Principle 1. Everyone on the face of the planet is a leader. Everyone lives in some kind of organization. Everyone influences other human beings in that organization. Everyone causes life to progress or digress in one or more of an infinite number of possibilities. Everyone makes a difference in outcomes. In this sense, everyone leads.

Principle 2. Few lead well. Few understand behavioral psychology, organizational dynamics, human intuition, process development, how to clarify vision, the process of establishing values, the courage of embracing challenge, the wisdom to see reality, the importance of adding value, the necessity of clarity, and the critical task of getting all of those integrated disciplines right. That’s a long and daunting list. Actually, it’s an abbreviated list. Much more could be said.

Thus the desert. I weep for those in a leadership desert. I’ve shed a lot of tears. I pray that my leadership is an oasis in which those around me can drink deeply, and be refreshed. I pray for your leadership too.

If you have experienced the benefits of an “oasis” leader, drink deeply, and say “thank you.” If you are in a leadership desert, read principle 2, and start becoming an oasis.

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