Fill the communication gap with love.

Posted on March 22, 2014


Because of the inadequacies of human connection, there are a variety of ways in which communication is missed leaving a gap between you and the other. Because of the insecurities of the human spirit, most often that obscurity leads to worry at what the other was intending to say to us. And because of the efficiency of the human imagination, the fearfulness of the human psyche, and the absence of trust that is so prevalent in all our relationships, we most often fill that communication gap with skepticism, frequently concluding the most nefarious of all intentions.

Do not fill the communication gap with that kind of suspicion.

Fill the communication gap with love. Which is to say, consider the very best of intentions from that person unless and until you have absolute proof to the contrary. Infuse that gap with the highest confidence that they meant well, and mean well. Fill that gap with the most admirable devotion to the most positive of outcomes. Fill that gap with love.

And as you fill that gap, love will heal the connection, secure the spirit, comfort the worry, calm the fear, and the human bond of trust.