Mentor yourself.

It is frequently asked of high profile people, “Will you be my mentor?” Why? A mentoring relationship subconsciously offers promises it may not be able to keep; the promise of climbing a corporate ladder, the promise of gaining “secret intelligence,” the promise of being “on the inside” with a person of prominence. Perhaps, the most deceitful is the promise of feeling special in the eyes of the mentor. All of these are promises are, however, quite dubious.

The value of mentoring is derived, not in what it promises, but rather in what it provides; personal development, wisdom, a sense of confidence, higher skill sets, honed intuition, etc. While much of this can come from a mentor, the reality is that all of this can now come from sources that you yourself ferret out and curate. So, mentor yourself.

And that may be the most important gain of self-mentoring — developing the ability to develop yourself.

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