Why must the nation grieve withOUT God?

Posted on January 10, 2013


On December 26, 2012, Lawrence Krauss (Arizona State theoretical physicist and author of several books) published an article in CNN’s belief blog on the tragedy in Newton, CT entitled “Why must the nation grieve with God?” His basic premise is that the invocation of God is unnecessary, and even damaging.

While I have great respect for Krauss and his scientific work, I find that his religious philosophy (while occasionally making a few salient points) consistently begs the question, is often quite presumptuous, is many times composed of straw men arguments, and is often nonsensical.

This article is an example of that. There is no “argument,” per se, but this is a bit more of a rant, with conclusions that violate and do an injustice to his ultimate premise, which is to allow the comforting families to grieve. He even states, “No caring person would begrudge them this right to ease their pain.” He then goes on to, what I opine, is begrudge them.

Thus, I’ve done a slight rewrite of his article to illustrate the point. Just by changing a few selections, one could easily ask Why must the nation grieve without God? using his rationale. I’ve clearly marked out the edits in brackets, with a different color, and you can read the original article side-by-side with my mark up to see the point. It is hopefully a helpful way of seeing through the nonsense of the debate, and how rants like these are not helpful in times like these. They completely miss the point.

What is the point? May the families and our nation find comfort and solace, in each other, in human solidarity, and yes, in God. All of those are deeply interrelated to one another, and I would think that atheist philosophers would concede that relationship.

To Dr. Krauss, I am continually thankful for your work in theoretical physics, the books that you publish, and the work that you are doing to illuminate the vastness of this universe and the mysteries of cosmology. You are truly a delight and a gift to the sciences. I offer this critique with due respect.

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